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  1. September 23, 2018 lisa hutchison

    we have been told by the breeder to put our 4 month old french bulldog on raw chicken/beef etc twice a day at this age. is this okay?

    1. September 25, 2018 Frankie

      Hi Lisa,

      Your breeder likely has a good understanding of what works best for their pups. However, what you have mentioned is quite a common starting diet for puppies.

      If you’re concerned I would talk with your vet.

  2. December 20, 2018 Beth

    I have a 19 month old french bulldog she has been on the honest kitchen For about a year and couldn’t afford it anymore I’ve tried nature‘s recipe Wholesome homemade Science diet Roaly canin french bulldog the her vet recommended Roaly canin veterinary diet hydrolyzed protein Everything breaks her out in a red rash Then I went back to fromm that was what she was on when I got her that broke her out to she’s on Instinct now and it’s not working Her vet said she does have food allergies but doesn’t want to do an allergy test to food because she said it really doesn’t work could she still need puppy food I ask because she’s really small for her age everything I’ve been getting her is for adult small breed I am at a loss please help

    1. December 20, 2018 Frankie

      Hi Beth,

      Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear about the challenges you are having with your Frenchie.

      We home cook all meals for Frankie so we know exactly what goes into them, this may be your best approach from a cost perspective as well.

      One way to find out which foods are causing problems is to use an elimination diet. Start with a very bland cooked lean meat and slowly start to add in rice or rice noodles, and then some vegetables. If at any point your pup gets sick or has a reaction then you can determine the culprit.

      If you think your pup isn’t getting all of the vitamins they need from this diet you can add in supplements such as fish oil spray etc.


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