How Much Should Your French Bulldog Exercise?

How Much Should Your French Bulldog Exercise?

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  1. November 23, 2018 Art

    I have a labrador do you think play at home with him is sufficient exercise. I am used to really working the lab out so I am sure my new frenchie pup probably cant go out with him.

    1. November 27, 2018 Frankie

      Hi Art,

      Play at home with your Lab is great for socialization and some exercise, but most Frenchies are pretty active beings – they are also super-inquisitive. They like to get outside and explore. We’d recommend creating a balance. But, yes, if you are out with your Lab and the Frenchie then you’ll need to monitor their breathing closely.

  2. March 1, 2019 Richard

    Im bringing my 7 months French Bulldog when I run 3 kilometres. I want to know if this is ok coz i want him to run with me for his exercise and our bonding. I want to increase it to 5 kilometers if it’s ok. Thanks

    1. March 4, 2019 Frankie

      Hey Richard,

      Frenchie’s aren’t really made to run long distances – especially at the sustained pace of a human. It may seem ok in the short-term but this type of activity may cause load and issues on the joints as they get older.

      Chat to your vet if you want a professional opinion.

      1. June 20, 2019 Frechie Owner

        The answer to this person should be an emphatic NO. I feel so bad that some of these dogs fall into the hands of folks that haven’t a clue how susceptible they are to overheating and dying.

  3. March 26, 2019 Shauna and Piper

    I want to do agility with my 1 yr french bulldog Piper, as I really think he would love it!
    But, I am worried the jumping ect ,won’t be good for his back/spine and legs as, I have read it isn’t good for them to go up and down stairs?
    Shauna and Piper

    1. April 2, 2019 Will Blunt

      Hey Shauna!

      Frenchie’s aren’t really made to exercise for a long period, especially if there is a considerable load on their joints. It may seem ok in the short-term but this type of activity may cause issues on the joints as they get older.

      Chat to your vet if you want a professional opinion.

  4. June 6, 2019 Jackie

    Hello can I please ask I have a 15 week old Frenchie and today We went for an hour walk , the weather is cold and we have come back tiered .
    The French usually loves going for a walk and he gets excited and runs but when we got home he was not running around and he fell asleep , he slept for 3 hours straight and I see him and he looks tiered and low in energy .
    Can I over walk my pup and do there legs hurt after a long walk.
    He’s not limping but he’s walking slowly , I just worry if I got him over tiered .
    How can I make him better.
    Thank you
    Kind Regards

    1. June 14, 2019 Will Blunt

      Hey Jackie,

      Every walk is different. If you spent a lot of time on your walk sniffing around and relaxing then an hour might be ok. But if your pup was active throughout the whole walk, then an hour is quite a long walk, especially for such a young Frenchie. 20-30 minutes at a time is usually best.

      In saying that, a once off like that shouldn’t cause too many problems, and your pup may be back to normal in a day or so once they’ve slept it off.

      If the lethargy continues then you should see a vet.

  5. June 20, 2019 Denise

    First of all thanks so much for this website, really interesting facts and infos on here. I’m so in love with Frenchies and have been thinking of getting one for quite some time now. The only thing that holds me back – I love hiking and would love to bring my dog with me. Now I’ve seen that there are pet-backpacks that allow the pet to sit in them while you do the walking. Do you think, that might be a solution to bringing a Frenchie on a hike? I’m not the tallest or fastest person ever, I like to enjoy my hikes with lots of breaks and easy walking pace. But I’m insecure if this could work out? Thanks :).

    1. June 21, 2019 Will Blunt

      Hey Denise,

      Yes, absolutely. We have taken Frankie on hikes in a dog backpack and it was great!

      Obviously, every dog is different and some may not like the backpack.

      You MUST make sure that it’s not too hot out, and that you take water with you so your Frenchie doesn’t overheat.


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