The Best Food for French Bulldogs: Health, Allergies and Brands to Consider

The Best Food for French Bulldogs: Health, Allergies and Brands to Consider

28 Replies to “The Best Food for French Bulldogs: Health, Allergies and Brands to Consider”

  1. August 11, 2018 Natalie

    I’m a little confused by your recommendation. The 2nd ingredient in Royal Canine is wheat which your article states is the “main culprit” of flatulence in Frenchies. And chicken by-product? We were advised by our Frenchie breeder to avoid both wheat and chicken. It also contains “Natural flavors”? What is this? We feed our guy Wellness Grain Free Whitefish formula and have also considered both Acana and Orijen brands. Just curious about your recommendation for Royal Canine being your top pick.

    1. August 13, 2018 Frankie

      Hey Natalie,

      Thanks for your comment and concern about our recommendation… We have found that the Royal Canin is great for Frenchies if they don’t have any known food allergies. Of course, if your Frenchie has allergies and you are trying to determine exactly what is causing them, then it probably isn’t the best alternative. There is no “one-size-fits-all” food for Frenchies because they all have different tolerances. For example, we have tried Frankie on grain-free fish-based dry food in the past and it hasn’t gone well. For us, we have resorted to a home cooked food rather than store-bought.

      Your vet is always going to be able to provide the best advice when it comes to these things, but it sounds like your current choices

      1. March 26, 2019 Ciara kearton

        I have a 9month old frenchie he is on a hypoallergenic diet but he is scratching still to the point where he is now taking his fur off and having scabs I keep putting sudocrem on them but I am really stuck with what food now as I do think it is that I don’t use any products in the house now to clean or wash his bedding and he is scratching more then ever.

        1. April 2, 2019 Will Blunt

          Hey Ciara,

          Have you considered that it is an environmental allergy rather than a food allergy?

          Chat with your vet and they may be able to give you some advice on managing the symptoms.

        2. September 9, 2019 Paula Waldman

          I have 2 Frenchie and too was going crazy with food. My one year old is allergic to chicken as we do raw and it has been great. Smaller poops and shiny coats. However, it seems she has flair up every few months so we resort to an allergy shot. But I feel your pain. When she eats chicken or turkey she breaks out all over and it is misery for her and her mommy!

  2. September 25, 2018 Miri

    A French Bulldog breeder recommend Fromm puppy food for my puppy. They also have Heartland gold grain free. You did not recommend any other brand except Royal Canin. While I like that product it almost sounds that you are marketing for RC

    1. September 25, 2018 Frankie

      Hey Miri,

      We have no direct relationship with Royal Canin, it was just our recommendation when it comes to buying pre-made food. We actually home cook all of Frankie’s meals ourselves!

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. October 1, 2018 Donna

    Frankie is gorgeous by the way! I’m intrigued to know what type of home cooked meals Frankie has at home as I would like to try this at home for my 3yo frenchie Ruby.
    Many thanks

    1. October 1, 2018 Frankie

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the compliment!

      For Frankie’s home cooked meals we cook her a mix of kangaroo mince, carrots, broccoli, and rice noodles. We usually buy the frozen vegetables and cook it all in a big pot, then chop it up by hand or in a food processor so it is easier for her to digest.

      She loves it, but it has taken us lots of trial and error to land on this recipe 🙂

  4. October 14, 2018 Jonathan

    I would like to know your opinion on Royal canin vs acana lamb/ pacific pilchard vs taste of the wild lamb / pacific stream. These are the 3 foods I am deciding on since I am changing from puppy to adult food.
    I read many Coplaints on RC that uses low quality ingridients and on taste of the wild not being a high quality food.
    I woud like an opinion on the three since my vet told me that if possible I should eliminate chicken/beef/pork. My frenchie had two hot spots on his neck lately and loose stools. He is on acana puppy and junior which is 70% poultry.

    Many thanks

    1. October 17, 2018 Frankie

      Hi Jonathan,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of experience with Acana and Taste of Wild so it’s hard to advise you. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help.

  5. January 6, 2019 Jeannie

    Do you think feeding Deer meat is okay?

    1. January 7, 2019 Frankie

      Hi Jeannie,

      Deer meat can be great meat for Frenchies, but it can also cause an intestinal upset if your pup has a sensitive stomach. It varies dog to dog.

      We’d recommend cooking the meat well to kill any parasites – but remember NOT to feed them cooked bones. And combine the meat with vegetables and some fish oil for a balanced diet.

  6. January 15, 2019 Marcia

    Hi, my Frenchie is almost two years old. The best food we have found for her is RC low fat GI food. Very little flatulence, and no more intestinal problems. Our vet recommended we try this. It’s been a year and she is great

    1. January 15, 2019 Frankie

      Thanks for sharing Marcia!

  7. January 20, 2019 Kristy

    Hi there, I just adopted a 6 month old Frenchie from a rescue. He seems to feel fine but his stools are loose and random. Like sometimes he’ll poop 20 min after feeding sometimes 2/3 hours and I’ve very good about kenneling him and staying outside sometimes upwards of 45 min and he doesn’t go. Then comes in and has loose stools like 3 times… does this sound like anything to anyone? Products or food to form up his stools? I feed holistic stuff from Trader Joe’s. Oh! AAAAND, he al,ost always tryies to eat it!!

    1. January 30, 2019 Frankie

      Hey Kristy,

      Inconsistency pooping isn’t the end of the world, and sometimes a loose stool could just be an intolerance to some food or something the pup has hoovered up from the ground. If it persists, always best to see your vet!

      For more advice you could chat online to a vet here:

  8. February 24, 2019 miss lena

    thank you for information and keep sharing with us some more blogs

  9. February 24, 2019 Rhonda Long

    Anyone familiar with Pure Vita holistic dog food?

    1. April 15, 2019 Marie Anthony

      We tried Royal Canin and Fromm’s and she was still having very soft to loose stools. Just Started Pure Vita yesterday abd her stools today, while soft, are formed. I considet this a good start. However, I’e not been able to find anyone out there who has tried Pure Vita. Would be interested in hearing others thoughts on this product as well.

  10. February 28, 2019 Lorraine Bentham

    Hi, I have two frenchies, one which I feed raw food and the other Roo who is on raw has started to constantly nibble away at her paw. Could this be the chicken or the beef that’s causing this. I tried raw on my 6 month old but she can’t tolerate it and it causes her to have runny poos. She will now stay on tails which I highly recommend as she is thriving on it. She’s a great weight and her coat shines and she has perfect poos. I only tried to change more for convenience. Should I try to leave out chicken and beef from the raw. She doesn’t like fish ones so it only leaves lamb duck and turkey.

    1. March 4, 2019 Frankie

      Hey Lorraine,

      It’s hard to say what may be causing the irritations, it may very well be the protein you are feeding – simply because Chicken is a common problem from Frenchies.

      The only way to really know is to do an elimination diet – that’s if it is a food allergy. Paw-related irritations can often be environmental allergies or other issues altogether which you would be best to see a vet about.

      Good luck!

  11. March 25, 2019 Yasmine Walker

    Gosh thank you. I have a frenchie with I believe a chicken allergies posdibly a milder beef allergy. Going to just try dry for a bit to see how she goes. Hate seeing my doggy like this. This was from cooked food. So dry try cut out anything chick. Keep to dry and see if it improves. Reluctant to try anything new at this stage until I know the cause.

    1. April 2, 2019 Will Blunt

      Thanks for sharing Yasmine!

  12. May 10, 2019 Jennyfer

    hello my name is jennyfer I have a frenchie of 6 months and she has her very red eyes I went to 3 vets and they sent apuquel an antiallergic for 14 days they tell me that I must change food to a hydrolyze and quw I must continue with the antialegics I can give him chicken that does not contain chicken because I think he is allergic to chicken, although he eats Royal Canin three weeks ago I made him a boiled chicken breast and it turned red, I do not know what to do. very grateful for your help

    1. May 10, 2019 Will Blunt

      Hi Jennyfer,

      Unfortunately, we can’t give medical advice in regards to your issue.

      The symptoms you have described could be allergy related – if they are then chicken could be the culprit.

      Alternatively, it could be another eye problem. You can read more about common eye problems here: and

      Your vet is always going to be most qualified for helping you with this.

  13. May 21, 2019 Barbara

    I have a quick question. I am currently feeding my 4 month old frenchie fresh food ( the farmers dog) and I am a bit confused as to how much calories I should be feeding her. It was recommended she be fed 536 kcal a day, which to me when I portion the food seems like a lot for such a little pup. So my question is should I be feeding my 4 month old puppy 536 kcal which would be the same amount I would feed her as an adult? I’m a little confused 🤨

    1. June 6, 2019 Will Blunt

      Hey Barbara,

      Puppies in their first 12 months typically need about double the calories of an adult dog – it helps them grow and stay strong!

      So the calorie count you have suggested wouldn’t be far off the mark.

      If you think it is a lot, perhaps you could break it up into 2 or 3 meals?

      The main thing to worry about with over-feeding your pup is whether or not they are overweight. If your Frenchie is active and you can see a semi-prominent contour in their stomach near the back legs, then their food intake is the way it should be.


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