A Guide to French Bulldog Training – Potty, Socialization, and Bonus Tips

A Guide to French Bulldog Training – Potty, Socialization, and Bonus Tips

5 Replies to “A Guide to French Bulldog Training – Potty, Socialization, and Bonus Tips”

  1. May 9, 2019 Zan

    Our Frenchie is on the larger size, we put him in school and he learned quick. At home he will not listen, he can’t leave lizards or frogs alone. We have tried additional training and just ordered a training collar. WE are at wits end. We watched videos and read so much on them. There are a lot of pro’s and con’s, however he just gets into everything. What are your thoughts on the collar? We have friends that gave us a lot of positive feed back on using.

    1. May 10, 2019 Will Blunt

      Hi Zan,

      Thanks for joining the community and reaching out!

      Training can definitely be a hard one sometimes, and at the end of the day, the way you train your dog will be a personal preference.

      If you find the training collar works for you then it could be the way to go. We prefer to use other methods of discipline rather than these collars just because Frenchies have breathing challenges as it is – preferring to keep any restrictions away from their throat.

      But, again, that is a personal preference and I certainly don’t judge you for making the choice you have.

  2. May 17, 2019 Carmen

    I have a 7 month old female she is so stubborn she was going on the pads but now she goes everywhere 😔. Also she is chewing everything and anything. Help

    1. June 6, 2019 Will Blunt

      Hey Carmen,

      On no! Sorry, that sounds difficult to deal with 🙁

      Unfortunately, there isn’t much more advice we can provide than what is in this article. There are so many factors which could be making your pup act out – the best solution is consistent disciplined training, positive reinforcement, and some element of on-the-spot punishment for bad behavior.

  3. July 23, 2019 Susan

    Thank you. I just got a Frenchie. He’s adorable but the potty part is hard. One more round of shots and we will be able to socialize.


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